Bisoux: Behind The Scenes Photo Shoot With Flo Keyanna For Her Single “No Holding Back”

Last Wednesday we were invited to provide jewelry for a photo shoot for a new pop artist Flo Keyanna.  Flo wanted to do some promotional work for her single “No Holding Back,” which will be released June 3rd so stay tuned. My friend and professional Make-Up Artisit (MUA) Lakisha Evans of Glorified Faces put together a team for the project.  The shoot was done at Pixtions Photography studio with photographer Tyrone Love.  Juan Ortiz, of Redd Pen Media, was the videographer catching all the behind the scenes filming of the shoot.  Hair was hooked up by Alexis; also a member of Glorified Faces. Clothing, and feathered glove in the last look, provided by stylist Lael, who also has her own clothing line called Lael By Lael Marshall, whose collection was featured on the Lisa Raye Show last week. 

Everyone I worked with was so cool. It’s amazing how people from different creative fields can come together and work to provide one vision.  We’ve been lucky to have worked with various fashion designers/stylist/photographers/whatever in the past and never had drama on the set.  It makes it easier to flow when everyone is about the finished product and not on their own agenda…


In the first picture I wore a Fish Ear Cuff I made and thrifted disc earrings (one of my favorite).  Then I layered a chunky thrifted bracelet and bangle with a gold nugget ring (one of Vanessa’s favorite).


Gretchen Jones Of Project Runway Jewelry Line

 Gretchen Jones, Project Runway, jewelry line is so cool.  I  could see these pieces worn by many fashionistas looking for an every day look.  I didn’t see any prices on her site, so I’m not sure when these pieces will be on sale.  

***Apologies to anyone who say this original posting! I put that this line was from Gretchen on Real House Wives Of Orange County when a reader corrected me as said it was Project Runway.  Thank you for letting us know we value your input.***

Source: Gretchen Jones Jewelry

Gewn Stefani For Elle UK Wearing nOir Jewelry

remember us blogging about the nOir Dino Bones Pave Cuff here? Well, Gwen Stefani is wearing it in the editorial spread and cover for Elle UK, April 2011, issue.  As great of a statement the cuff is you don’t need any other accessories to go with it.

Source: Style Bistro

Designer Spotlight: Elizabeth Cole Jewelry

Four Stranded Pear Necklace $488

Emerald and Crystal Chain Earrings $333

Crystal Parrot Earrings $325

Taylor Necklace $1125

Pink Crystal Mohawk Earrings $238

Blue Ombre Becall Earrings $233

Crystal Fish Earrings $188


Stephanie Owen, of Elizabeth Cole jewelry, is one of my favorite designers. She has the ability to use jewelry materials and transform them into things from nature such as fish, ram heads, leaves and flowers, while still making them look edgy.   We, Bisoux, currently have the Crystal Fish earrings in the last picture in our inventory which we use for styling purposes. I look forward to adding more of her pieces to the stock!

Source: Elizabeth Cole