Ayaka Nishi Jewelry Show April 29th!

If you are in the NYC area check out Ayaka Nishi jewelry show today from 7-11 pm!


Gretchen Jones Of Project Runway Jewelry Line

 Gretchen Jones, Project Runway, jewelry line is so cool.  I  could see these pieces worn by many fashionistas looking for an every day look.  I didn’t see any prices on her site, so I’m not sure when these pieces will be on sale.  

***Apologies to anyone who say this original posting! I put that this line was from Gretchen on Real House Wives Of Orange County when a reader corrected me as said it was Project Runway.  Thank you for letting us know we value your input.***

Source: Gretchen Jones Jewelry

Dying in Anticipation! Frank and Myrrh Jewelry Sale!


What’s the best thing about Christmas?

Well, coming behind the birth of our Lord and Savior, then spending time with beloved family and friends, are the after Christmas sales! Woo hoo! And one of my favorite new jewelry lines, Frank and Myrhh by Nikole Crowe of TheMopTopMaven.Com is hosting one tomorrow! An amazing 50% OFF her ENTIRE collection with the code “DAYAFTER”!!!! Say whaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!?

I bought the Pangea Earrings in blue and ochre and  white and gold (pictured below) when it first launched and I LOVE them. I couldn’t decide on the color combo I wanted so just bought both of them.



Below is what I have saved in my mental shopping cart…


Cape Town “Blue” Drop Beaded Earrings

Negril Earrings

Cairo Half Moon Earrings

Can’t wait!

Check out the online shop for much more!

Also, if you need hair, skin and overall beauty advice her blog is a MUST read!

Goodnight now =)