Rising Star Collar Necklace

Tameka of MyDesignerDream.com styled her best friend, a R & B artist, for her press kit. This is a photo Tameka posted on her Instagram wearing our Rising Sun Collar Necklace found on our shop site, www.ShopBisouxJewelry.com


Fab Finds: Embellished Pen and Armor Ring At Jewelbilee

Went to Jewelbilee, a store with fashionable accessories at an affordable price, to see what they had to offer to a jewelry lover such as myself.  The armor ring above was a must buy, and for only $16, I knew I could do some damage with it.  The pen was so cool and only cost me $8!! Every time I pull it out I know it will be a conversation starter.

Stephanie 🙂

Sandals From JC Penny

I was walking through JC Penny at the mall to get my eyebrows threaded and from the corner of my eye I saw these sandals. I’ve been looking for inexpensive embellished sandals for the summer for a while and unexpectedly found them here. I only paid $12 each which I call a bargain.  I also found some really pretty maxi dresses which I plan on wearing to Miami next week. I will make another blog post on my outfits then. Stay tuned!

Stephanie 🙂

Shopping in Philly Mother’s Day Weekend

So for Mother’s Day weekend I took some me time to explore Philly.  There are so many little shops where you find some of the most unique finds.  I went to South St where I bought the first two earrings. My favorite is the second one because of all the colors and the edgy design, and for only $13.00, it was well worth it.  I will probably wear this one out all summer.  And I got the necklace worn in the last picture at H&M.  I usually see all the cool jewelry pieces in their magazines but FINALLY I found an H&M with the same pieces. I purchased this for only &12.95.


Stephanie 🙂

Gretchen Jones Of Project Runway Jewelry Line

 Gretchen Jones, Project Runway, jewelry line is so cool.  I  could see these pieces worn by many fashionistas looking for an every day look.  I didn’t see any prices on her site, so I’m not sure when these pieces will be on sale.  

***Apologies to anyone who say this original posting! I put that this line was from Gretchen on Real House Wives Of Orange County when a reader corrected me as said it was Project Runway.  Thank you for letting us know we value your input.***

Source: Gretchen Jones Jewelry

ETSY: Good Girls Studio

I was randomly googling topics on jewelry when I happened to bump into Good Girls Studio on Etsy.com.  For those who may not know Etsy, their mission ” is to enable people to make a living making things, and to reconnect makers with buyers.”  There are many cool designers on there and I would suggest anyone who likes crafts and vintage, or if you are looking for art supplies, to look here first. 

While looking through the jewelry for sale by Good Girls Studio designer Johanna Ely, I am amazed at her ability to create statement necklaces from vintage pieces to form a totally different, new look.  Below are my favorite from her collection.

Pearl Statement Wedding Necklace $138

Victorian Yellow Floral Statement Necklace $152

Mrs. Robinson A Cameo Necklace $172

EveA Born Again Virgin Vintage Necklace $498

Teal Statement Collage Necklace $168

To check out more from Good Girls Studio’s visit their site here!

Source: Good Girls Studio on Etsy.com

Fab Find: Thrifted Colorful Triangular Studs

I found these colorful triangular studs at a thrift store in Baltimore, MD, for only $1.99! I wear them all the time to add a touch of color and style to an everyday outfit. Sorry for the picture quality. My camera broke so I’m working with my Black Berry.

I was having a little fun with Picnik.com photo shop 🙂



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