Riri, B and Cici Rock Falling Whistles Necklaces to Aid Children Soldiers in the Congo

Jewelry with a cause! I was browsing necolebitchie.com and fell upon an article showcasing Rihanna, Beyonce and Ciara rocking these whistle necklaces by a line labeled Falling Whistle; a non profit organization that contributes 100% of its proceeds to rehabilitate the war affected children in the Congo and fight for peace in the nation. The story behind the children with the whistles is heart wrenching. Here’s an excerpt from necolebitchie.com that summarizes their story pretty well:

“The Democratic Republic of the Congo has child soldiers. They kidnap young boys torture them and force them to be soldiers. The ones that are too small to hold guns are given whistles and are put on the front lines. Their job is to blow a whistle to let everyone know when the enemy is coming, so they are the first ones killed. The whistles are sold and 100% of the proceeds go to rehabilitating the ones that escape.”

Read more of the story HERE

Lovin Ciara’s poncho!

You can purchase a whistle necklace and become a whistle blower for peace like these ladies on the Falling Whistles website. The whistles come in gold , silver, bushed and gunmetal and price range from a measley $34 to $104.

To buy a fallen whistle necklace and support this cause CLICK HERE