Shopping in Philly Mother’s Day Weekend

So for Mother’s Day weekend I took some me time to explore Philly.  There are so many little shops where you find some of the most unique finds.  I went to South St where I bought the first two earrings. My favorite is the second one because of all the colors and the edgy design, and for only $13.00, it was well worth it.  I will probably wear this one out all summer.  And I got the necklace worn in the last picture at H&M.  I usually see all the cool jewelry pieces in their magazines but FINALLY I found an H&M with the same pieces. I purchased this for only &12.95.


Stephanie 🙂


AMBER ALERT! H&M ARMOUR RING-Have you seen me?!?

Has any one seen me in any American H&M stores? I may have to take a trip to Stockholm…

They are like, light years ahead of us…

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