Riri, B and Cici Rock Falling Whistles Necklaces to Aid Children Soldiers in the Congo

Jewelry with a cause! I was browsing necolebitchie.com and fell upon an article showcasing Rihanna, Beyonce and Ciara rocking these whistle necklaces by a line labeled Falling Whistle; a non profit organization that contributes 100% of its proceeds to rehabilitate the war affected children in the Congo and fight for peace in the nation. The story behind the children with the whistles is heart wrenching. Here’s an excerpt from necolebitchie.com that summarizes their story pretty well:

“The Democratic Republic of the Congo has child soldiers. They kidnap young boys torture them and force them to be soldiers. The ones that are too small to hold guns are given whistles and are put on the front lines. Their job is to blow a whistle to let everyone know when the enemy is coming, so they are the first ones killed. The whistles are sold and 100% of the proceeds go to rehabilitating the ones that escape.”

Read more of the story HERE

Lovin Ciara’s poncho!

You can purchase a whistle necklace and become a whistle blower for peace like these ladies on the Falling Whistles website. The whistles come in gold , silver, bushed and gunmetal and price range from a measley $34 to $104.

To buy a fallen whistle necklace and support this cause CLICK HERE


Fab Find: Jewelry From Apna Bazaar in Falls Chruch!

So, I was walking around downtown Falls Church yesterday in between seeing patients and I happened to run across a small, Indian boutique nestled between a series of small shops along West Broad Street. The store was filled with artwork, saris and shoes but best of all…LOTS of jewelry!!! There were more bangles, statement earrings, and 22K gold than I could handle! I decided to restrict myself to only a few items, because I couldn’t  possibly leave empty handed (what can I say I’m an addict).

Below is what I walked out with (how do u like my display? I tried…)

The two pairs of HUGE statement earrings I got (above and below)

And the necklace set below (came with a pair of earrings and that thing they put over their forhead)

The price range was about $19-$50 for earrings, and about $75+ for necklace sets. The people there were so nice and patient with me as I tried on like, every peice of jewelry in the store claiming “wait I want this..no this one…let me see those earrings again!”

If you are as awed by Indian-inspired jewelry as I am, check out Apna Bazaar at:

110 W. Broad St.

Falls Church, VA 22046

I can’t wait to go back! Until next paycheck….

Designer Spotlight: DENISE JULIA REYTAN


I don’t remember exactly how I fell upon Germany based designer Denise Julia Reytan , but as I grazed her website I couldn’t help but be awed  by her designs. She has an uncanny talent of morphing candy colors and  conventional objects into exceptional works of art, reflecting herself and her culture. Per her wbsites, she states “My jewellery is made of materials which fascinates me, of objects from everyday life, consumption and the environment, which represents me, my culture and the time I am living in.” Simply Beautiful =)



The following pictures are from her line labeled ‘Inner Expressions.’ She describes on her site that  “For me jewellery is an inner expression, individual statement and an identification of the own personality. Jewellery communicates, includes messages, transfer attitudes and says something about your own views. Jewellery is a friend and companion in life, always gives you joy, donates strength and can include many feelings.” Interesting…lol…

DENISE JULIA REYTAN inner expression

DENISE JULIA REYTAN inner expression2Looks like someone found some buried treasure…hehehe….

See more pics @ Flickr or her website